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Penetrating the Layers

This wokshop is presented in two parts.

In the first part we will look at some more advanced postures, how to break down these poses into various parts by knowing their primary and secondary movements related to simpler basic postures, common mistakes, problems and soultions.

In the second part, time permitting, we will be explore the art of recognizing physical, physiological, organic, pranic, sensory, and meditative levels in various progressive ways, leading from Annamaya Kosha of Sthula Sharira (gross body) to Ananadamaya Kosha of Karana Sharira (causal body). We will look into the position of the fourteen major nadis and see their influence on the yogic model of the body. This inquiry into the yoga practice will be directed towards understanding the Self through asana practice.

For more general description refer to General Approach in Yoga Classes and Workshops.

This workshop is appropriate for teachers as well as students who have been practicing yoga for at least one year.

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