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Mula Bandha

The theme of this workshop will be the significance of Mula Bandha in yoga asana. Ramanand will take the student through an eight fold approach into the step by step technique of Mula Bandha.

The student is often told to do mula bandha in every posture. We will examine various aspects such as preparing the body posteriorly, then anteriorly, followed by correct way to lift the pelvic floor before creating ashvini mudra, and before finally engaging the mula bandha.

The action of mula bandha is the door way from active muscular actions of the kind that a beginner does into the more receptive action towards a meditative approach.

For more general description refer to General Approach in Yoga Classes and Workshops.

This workshop is suitable for those who are very familiar with basic alignment of yoga posture and have the stamina to hold the poses for a longer time to allow the mind to penetrate deeper. The workshop is not suitable for those with therapeutic needs or special attention.

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