Gurukulam Facility and some ŇDoŐs and DonŐtsÓ


Over the past several years the Gurkulam has generously provided us with a reasonably priced facility for Yoga & Sound. We would naturally like to continue this relationship. You are most welcome to enjoy and use all of the wonderful facilities; at the same time please be mindful of the DoŐs and DonŐts of the Gurukulam. In the past we have spent the arrival evening for this orientation. If you will please read this carefully it will save time for more fruitful activity on the first day.


Generally Indian vegetarian meals are served for lunch and dinner.  Cold and hot cereals, toasts and fruits are served for breakfast.  Fruits, tea and coffee are available throughout the day. If you have food allergies or intolerance to dairy please notify Nila Patel ahead of time.  Every effort will be made to accommodate these types of situations. If you have very specific dietary requirements of particular foods, please arrive with your own provisions and be prepared to take care of these needs on your own. The kitchen is not equipped to handle individual diets. There is limited accommodation with attached kitchenette (Types 5 & 6 in our flyer). You may pay for and request this double/triple occupancy accommodation with kitchenette; please plan to bring your own utensils for use in the kitchenette. The nearest health food stores are 3-10 miles from the Gurukulam and may not stock the items you are accustomed to. It is customary to refrain from eating in the dining hall until after prayers are chanted.


Please bring suitable clothing to wear outside of the yoga studio.  Yoga attire is not appropriate in the dining hall or lecture/temple hall or the grounds of the Gurukulam. You must dress modestly. Sun bathing on the lawns is inappropriate in this setting. It is helpful to bring country shoes, a flashlight, an umbrella and warm clothing.  The paths are unpaved and buildings scattered over the 18-acre campus.  The Gurukulam is in the mountains and there is a temperature shift of about 20 degrees between night and day.


Tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs and non-vegetarian foods, including eggs are not welcome on the grounds.  No consumption of these things should take place inside the Gurukulam.  Please be quiet in the evenings after the final class. Social activities should be circumspect and modest.


The Gurukulam does not offer spa type amenities.  It has a wonderful bookstore, library, and two priests to perform rituals in the temple.  You are more than welcome to join-in or observe the daily morning and evening pujas (prayer rituals). Individual pujas can be arranged.


Telephones are not provided in each room any longer.  A telephone card with an 800-access number is needed to call off campus; bring your own card OR a cell phone.  Cell phone reception is obscured for some services.  Laptop computer hookups do not operate without a local dial up number because of the telephone system. There are a limited number of computers provided for guests use. Office computers are reserved for staff work only. Wireless connections work in some locations such as the basement and the office.


Gurukulam is an ashram where there is a teaching tradition. Many visitors come to the Gurukulam for their religious practice. There are also students and teachers (often dressed in orange robes) staying at the gurukulam. We have often been fortunate to be exposed to some wonderful concerts and cultural events in addition to Vedanta teachings. As always do let these activities nourish your soul and be respectful of them.


As per very ancient tradition, there is no charge for the philosophy discourses offered as part of this workshop. Ramanand and Mukesh offer a donation to the ashram. Students are encouraged to make a traditional donation (called Guru-dakshina) directly to the Gurukulam at the conclusion of the course.


A cash tip is collected and offered by the group as an appreciation for all the employees of the ashram. A separate tip to each room is not necessary.


If you have any other helpful comments that can be included on this page Ramanand would be most appreciative of such input. Please send your suggestions to him at or mail to:


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