When you arrive at the Gurukulam, please come directly to the office for your room assignment.  The registration office is located in the building named Kanchi, across from the parking lot near the entrance driveway. The campus map can be seen at www.yogirama.com/ArshaGround.jpg

Plan to arrive at the Gurukulam between 12 noon and 9 pm on Wednesday, September 6, 2017. If you arrive earlier you may have to go a motel for accommodation. Dinner will be served at 6:30 pm followed by a Ňmeet and greetÓ orientation at 8 pm. The daily timetable will be posted in the dining hall. Suddhatmaji, the manager (suddhatma@gmail.com - cell phone 1-570-656-0189 or call 570.992.2339X1-234) is the contact person for arrival, departure, etc. For last minute emergencies only, call the cell phone 1-570-656-0198 or Gurukulam emergency number 1-570-992-0241; do not use these numbers to inform the Gurukulam of your arrival, which you have to do before August 5.

If you arrive after 10 pm, you can find your room assignment on a housing list with a campus map posted by the office door and on the door of the dining hall.
Dinner will be left out in the dining hall for late arrivals. Do let Suddhatmaji know if you anticipate a late arrival so that someone may be on the lookout to help direct you.

Please do not leave a message at Nila PatelŐs as she will not be at her home. Ramanand PatelŐs cell phone, 1-415-665-8560 may not always work at the Gurukulam.

Arrival from Allentown, PA Airport (ABE/LVI): See New Pick Up Policy below.

Arrival from New York Airport (JFK): Take Martz Trailways bus to Stroudsburg. For more information on this bus line visit www.martztrailways.com. To get to Gurukulam from there see New Pick Up Policy below.

Arrival from Newark, NJ Airport (EWR): Take Transbridge bus to Easton. For more information on this bus line visit www.transbridgebus.com. To get to Gurukulam from there see New Pick Up Policy below.

Arrival from other locations by bus: Take the bus to Stroudsburg or Easton. To get to Gurukulam from there see New Pick Up Policy below.


New Pick Up Policy: For students arriving from USA or Canada Gurukulam now expects you to use Uber (www.uber.com).

For students arriving from countries other than USA and Canada, Gurukulam will help co-ordinate transportation from Allentown Airport (ABE), or from the bus stations in Stroudsburg or Easton in Pennsylvania; for this you must
e-mail Suddhatmaji your arrival information before Saturday, August 5. If flying into or out of Allentown, please provide your cell phone number, the airline, flight numbers, times and the number of people in your party for both arrival and departure.  If the Gurkulam staff is able to pick you up they will check with the airport for arrivals information before leaving to make the pickup. In any event, they can help co-ordinate your travel with other fellow passengers if you inform them as early as possible but no later than August 5; please pay $10 cash to the Gurukulam for the pick up service.


Arrival by car: The Gurukulam web site at www.arshavidya.org/maps-directions.html provides the driving directions. If you have difficulty with this, please contact Suddhatmaji who can mail them to you.


Departure: Plan to depart on Wednesday the 13th September after lunch. You may depart earlier if airline schedule necessitates this. Send this information to Suddhatmaji along with your arrival info. For those needing to stay beyond workshop dates due to long distance travel or difficult airline connections, limited accommodation is available at $80 per night. This is payable to the Gurukulam upon arrival.                  Rev. Jan. 6, 2017